The neurodivergent Notion gal & brain gremlin slayer!

You found the right place if:

Generic advice doesn’t work for you because you’re mentally ill, neurodivergent, have a chronic illness, or just aren’t a robot.

You need practical support but with an understanding of the emotional stuff that often gets in the way of implementing.

The idea of “no bullshit but kind” sounds like just what you need.

You want to find a solution that works, you just aren’t sure how to. 

Alexis wearing a pale pink t-shirt with a UFO on it and text reading "get in losers." She is smiling broadly with pink glitter creating freckles on her face. Her Loop earplugs hang round her neck. Beside her is her logo of a unicorn with a rainbow around it and text over that reading "have courage and be kind."
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Notion for neurodivergent brains.

I am a freelancer working in arts management, juggling lots of different clients. I love big ideas but am rubbish of keeping track of details… I am just not a natural “finisher”. The Notion board that Alexis has set up for me has literally changed my life!

Notion is my back up brain and has been for several years and I’m passionate about how wonderful it is for neurodivergent brains.

Its flexibility within a structure makes it perfect for my specific brand of neurodivergence – and it’s so adaptable it can be used in many different ways.

If you’d like a back up brain to help you achieve your dreams there are so many way to do that.

If you’re brand new to Notion, don’t panic! My templates and bespoke boards include video training to explain it all to you.

Bespoke Notion board design information coming soon – email me to discuss:

a hand drawn brain viewed from above in pink and purple in a circle on a pale pastel background.
a series of interlinking knots in alternating pastel colours.

Notion for business systems.

Love this! My VA is typing out an SOP on how to do everything you mentioned in the video now.

Keeping on top of things can be a real challenge for busy bee business owners – thankfully Notion can save you a lot of time and brain space! It’s excellent for:

  • SOPs.
  • Client management.
  • Tracking & planning courses, services & projects.
  • Goals & OKR tracking.
  • So much more!


Whatever your business needs, I can create the Notion board that fits perfectly into your business and the training to ensure you and your team are confident using it. Email me to discuss:

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Brain gremlin busting!

I loved being guided by Alexis. It was easy, enjoyable and insightful. Alexis is skilled in deeply listening to your needs, and identifying a bespoke framework that will meet you where you’re at whilst also supporting you to lean into a braver version of yourself.

Ready to start working with your brain (and body) rather than against it? Fed up of getting in your own way?

My brain gremlin busting offers are only for people who are ready to take action – those who are aware of the things that are difficult for them and why, and are prepared to be completely honest.

I meet you with kindness and compassion without letting you make excuses.

All my brain gremlin busting services are completely personalised to your needs – I listen deeply to where you struggle and offer solutions and workarounds that take into account your reality and needs.

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Teaching and speaking.

I love teaching about the practical steps to adjusting your business (and life) as a neurodivergent human, Notion, and accessible social media.

Book a coffee date with me to discuss what you’re looking for or send me an email on

The best bonus training we've ever had.
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