Organic, community driven social media for businesses with morals & manners.

I’m Alexis and I build communities and help heart-centred business owners reach their customers without costly ads.

I pride myself on my ethical attitude to social media; no sketchy, black hat techniques or bought followers. I believe a small, engaged audience is better than a million people who don’t care and that quality is more important than quantity.

I help business owners create and implement a social media strategy which doesn’t add to their already enormous to do list or increase their stress levels.

I fell in love with technology at an early age having grown up around computers, thanks to a father who worked in graphic design. I have seen how social media has influenced not only our spending habits but our thoughts and feelings about the businesses and charities we support. I am now passionate about using the power of the internet and social media for good.

I’m also the host of the Social Media for Humans podcast.

Alexis smiling at the camera against a background of dark leaves. A transparent black banner with her logo at the bottom of the photo.