Small biz gift guide 2020: Experience it.

a gingerbread person in a yellow mug. Text reads "shop small biz this holiday season."

This is the second of two small biz gift guides, view the “open it” gift guide here. This gift guide is for experiences, including ones suitable for lock-down. If you’re able to support small businesses this festive season, and beyond, please do. If you can’t afford to support financially, please remember that commenting on their […]

Small biz gift guide 2020: Open it.

Gifts wrapped in brown paper. Text reads "shop small biz this holiday season."

This is the first of two small biz gift guides I’m sharing this year. This first gift guide is for physical presents, things you can wrap and/or someone can open, the second gift guide will be experiences (yes, they will be suitable for lock-down.) If you’re able to support small businesses this festive season, and […]

15 ways to use Instagram’s features

Alexis peeks out from the side of the image. Text reads "15 Instagram ideas. 3 for every feature."

Instagram has a tonne of features now which is very exciting if you work in social media and very overwhelming if you’re a small business owner! This month I’m giving you 3 ideas for each of their 5 main features to help you understand what they’re great for and inspire you to give them a […]

The Social Dilemma

3 photos of Alexis in circles, text reads "The social dilemma. Changing the world together."

If you haven’t watched The Social Dilemma (and The Great Hack), I strongly encourage you to do so. Personally, I think they should be required watching and part of the school curriculum. As a social media manager I feel it’s especially important for me to talk about the issues with social media and the way […]

The basics: content marketing

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Content marketing is one of those terms that gets thrown around all across the internet but, when you get people on their own, it turns out a lot of folks don’t really know what it means. This month I’m going to break it down for you and explain how it ties in to an organic, […]

Why accessible content should be the next big trend

a person with pink hair in a wheelchair on a beach, hands in the air. Text above reads "accessibility is cool"

With reach being one of the key metrics people aim for on social media (I have a whole post on vanity metrics), it surprises me that making content accessible isn’t a higher priority for those same people. Why? Because accessibility directly impacts your reach and engagement. If you put out amazing content which can’t be […]

The Basics: IGTV

IGTV has been somewhat overlooked since it launched back in 2018. Instagram are starting to push it more this year by introducing ads, enabling creators to monetise their videos and allowing Instagram Lives to be saved to IGTV. So how does IGTV work and how can small businesses use it to improve their social presence and make […]

Facebook Rooms for business

a tropical forest area. Text reads "Facebook Rooms for business"

Facebook Rooms was a much anticipated feature following Mark Zuckerberg announcing it and now it’s out in the wild many of us are testing it, seeing how it works and trying to figure out how it fits into our lives. I’m specifically interested in how it will fit into community focused marketing strategies, like the […]

Go live or die trying!

If you follow me across the internets you may have noticed I’m making something of a name for myself as that social media expert who doesn’t go live! I’m not sure if that’s really where I want my branding to go but for now, let’s run with it! Do I think that going live isn’t […]