Marketing your small business with Shona Chambers

Shona Chambers, a woman with light skin tone and long brown hair, stands outside on an Autumnal day, background blurred into autumn colours, wearing light brown dungarees and smiling at the camera.

This is the transcript of the podcast episode marketing your small business with Shona Chambers. You can find the video version with closed captions at the end of this post or over on YouTube. Alexis is in italics and Shona is in normal text. Hello. Hello. I am here with Shona. Introduce yourself. Tell us […]

Anti-hustle social media management

Text reading "anti hustle social media tips" surrounded by two hand drawn stickers in pink and purple in a circle on a pale pastel background. One sticker is a brain, the other an infinity symbol.

Anti-hustle social media tips. If you’re exhausted just watching the list of things you “must do” on social media grow like an especially demanding child’s wishlist, you are not alone. In even better news; you actually don’t have to do all of that stuff to absolutely rock at social media. Take a deep breath, open […]

How to create copy that converts without manipulation

Text reads "How to create copy that converts without manipulation."

Words are powerful and persuasive. Language is packed with psychological nuance, and sadly, marketers have historically used that nuance to get people to buy things they don’t need and spend too much money.

Rachel Baker has put together a list of dos and don’ts for writing copy that helps you sell but doesn’t exploit or pull the wool over people’s eyes.

Motivation without ableism

Text reads "motivation without ableism.​" Underneath it is a hand drawn brain in pink and purple in a circle on a pale pastel background.

Motivation is great. Helping people readjust how they see things, focus on the good, and look for solutions is great. But doing that while ignoring the other things that play into people’s reality is helpful – in fact it can be very detrimental.

Goal setting & achieving as a neurodivergent human

Text reads "Goal setting & achieving as a neurodivergent human." Underneath it is a hand drawn infinity symbol in pink and purple in a circle on a pale pastel background.

Goal setting & achieving as a neurodivergent human. New year means, for many of us, new goals and plans, a fresh start. For me one of those things is writing a blog post here each month and what better topic as we kick off 2024 than on goal setting and, more specifically, how to actually […]

Just how ethical is your business?

A Justice statue holding a set of scales and a sword beside text which reads "just how ethical is your business?"

I’m proud to be hosting a slightly different guest post about ethical business ownership today. This one is from someone who would prefer to remain anonymous but I know we would both love to hear your views on this topic. Do your business and personal values as a leader actually align with your actions? There’s […]

Social Media for Humans – an inspiring women-led community!

Photo of Alexis in the centre of the image, above her the Digital Women Awards 22 logo, below her text reading "finalist, woman-led community, Alexis Bushnell."

I am frankly overwhelmed with gratitude, pride and joy at Social Media for Humans making the shortlist for woman-led community of the year. To be honest, I really don’t have the words. I’ve done a lot of messy crying at the flood of emotions so instead I want to talk about how bloody amazing the […]

Stress free social media tips for humans with executive dysfunction.

A keyboard, balled up paper and spilled coffee on a desk. Text reads "Tips & tools for executive dysfunction."

If you’ve not noticed my little business pivot, I’m now officially helping business owners with brain gremlins to sort their social media. With that in mind, I’m taking a leap back into blogging as little old me, rather than over at Social Media for Humans, with some tips on planning and executing your strategy when […]

Using social media for good and avoiding burnout

I was thrilled to chat with Karen Black of HubFizz, sustainable website expert, about using social media for good and avoiding burnout on The HubFizz Show. I shared some of the ways I use social media for good, make my social media strategy more sustainable for me and try to reduce my digital carbon footprint. Further reading: […]