Business and community

A field of cows with text overlaid reading "business and community"

The world is changing right now. Our society is shifting; we’re reassessing what’s important, we’re redefining work, we’re reconsidering what is valuable, and we’re rediscovering the value of community. That last point is what I want to talk about this month because community; community, business and social media. What does a community look like for […]

How do I know if it’s not working?

Small Biz Q&A Is it not working or do I just need to give it longer? Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule but I do have some guidance on how to work out if your latest social strategy is working or not.

Should I boost a post on Facebook?

Small Biz Q&A It looks so promising; for this small price your post could reach thousands more people. What have you got to lose? For one; cold hard cash. So before you boost a Facebook post, I have some things for you to think about.

How often do I need to post?

Small Biz Q&A How often do you need to post on social media as a small business? My answer might surprise you, unless you’ve been following me for a while!

Day of Acceptance

Today is Day Of Acceptance and, as one of my own business values is acceptance, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to promote some incredibly talented individuals who also happen to be disabled. You can find out much more about them and support them by clicking the links to their own content, products […]

Vanity metrics: likes don’t pay your bills

With Instagram hiding likes, the number of questions I’ve seen about whether it’s worth it to stay on the platform and how to know if your social presence is paying off has skyrocketed. Business owners, influencers and brands alike are panicking about how other people not being able to see how many likes their post […]