Business and community

A field of cows with text overlaid reading "business and community"

The world is changing right now. Our society is shifting; we’re reassessing what’s important, we’re redefining work, we’re reconsidering what is valuable, and we’re rediscovering the value of community. That last point is what I want to talk about this month because community; community, business and social media. What does a community look like for […]

Secrets of the algorithm

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Do you want to beat the algorithm? Ensure your posts get seen by all your followers? Boost engagement, double your DMs and hit a million followers? We all love these quick fix promises. Tips that ‘guarantee’ an overnight change in your social media fortunes and, possibly more importantly, lay the blame for a stagnating growth […]

How do I know if it’s not working?

Small Biz Q&A Is it not working or do I just need to give it longer? Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule but I do have some guidance on how to work out if your latest social strategy is working or not.

Should I boost a post on Facebook?

Small Biz Q&A It looks so promising; for this small price your post could reach thousands more people. What have you got to lose? For one; cold hard cash. So before you boost a Facebook post, I have some things for you to think about.

How to meme as a business

The internet loves a meme. We love that #relatable content, a lighthearted look at life, a way to connect often across cultural and language divides. They can be a great way to show a little of your personality on your business’ social media but overuse them and you lose your own voice. an image, video, […]

How often do I need to post?

Small Biz Q&A How often do you need to post on social media as a small business? My answer might surprise you, unless you’ve been following me for a while!