The world is changing right now. Our society is shifting; we’re reassessing what’s important, we’re redefining work, we’re reconsidering what is valuable, and we’re rediscovering the value of community.

That last point is what I want to talk about this month because community; community, business and social media.

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What does a community look like for business?

Community around a business looks like any other community because it is like any other community. The commonality is your business, be that by what you offer, who you help, or your methods. For example, my community is made up of business owners with morals and manners.

A key thing to remember is that communities should support everyone in them; your community is not there simply to support your business, your business must also support your community.

Building a community

Growing a community requires you to be clear about who you’re for and what you share; the easiest way to do that on social media is by having a clear bio and posting relevant content. Your presence online should make it clear who would feel at home in your community without needing to explicitly say it (although explicitly saying it sometimes is a good idea!).

It also requires you to show up consistently for your people. That doesn’t mean you need to be posting lots, but your community needs to know when to expect you and that they can rely on you.
Showing up doesn’t only mean on your own profiles; comment on things posted by members of your community, get involved in discussions elsewhere, be an active participant in the community as a whole. No member of the community is more important than another and that includes you.

Community vs sales

Building a community doesn’t mean you can’t sell on your socials but you can’t build a community if all you do is sell.

Consider what your community needs, what they enjoy and what is valuable to them. Build your content plan around that and you should find that you can naturally drop in sales posts and promotions. For example if you’re sharing some top tips to reduce stress, that’s valuable content, you could include a mention of your amazing guided meditation which can be purchased.

Focus on adding value but don’t feel that a call to action to buy your product or services negates that value.

The community tl;dr*

Be clear about who would enjoy your community by being clear about who you are and what you do. Offer advice, tips and support to your community. Engage with them on their posts as well as your own.

Stay safe, be kind and, as always, be a human!

*tl;dr = too long; didn’t read. The key information from the post.

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