Secrets of the algorithm

Snow covered sistletoe with text reading "Uncover the secrets of the algorithm"

Do you want to beat the algorithm? Ensure your posts get seen by all your followers? Boost engagement, double your DMs and hit a million followers? We all love these quick fix promises. Tips that ‘guarantee’ an overnight change in your social media fortunes and, possibly more importantly, lay the blame for a stagnating growth […]

What’s the point of hashtags?

Small biz Q&A Hashtags are everywhere on social media but what are they? Are they useful? How do you use them? Just everything hashtags!

Twitter Chats

Following on from my last post about the basics of Twitter, I wanted to talk about Twitter chats which are a brilliant way to build & engage your community on Twitter. They are real time discussions around topics and questions which users can follow via the chat’s hashtag on Twitter’s website or app, or on […]

The Basics: Twitter

Continuing my series designed to help you get your small business on social media, even if you can’t afford a social media manager just yet, let’s look at an often misunderstood network; Twitter. As a micro-blogging platform, succinct needs to be your watchword. With only 160 characters to play with in your bio and 280 […]