Updated 3rd July 2024.

Envi­ron­mental efforts.

Reducing my personal impact, and that of my business, on the planet is very important to me and I continually work to learn more and enact changes as I learn more.

  • I am vegan and have been since 2018.
  • I am vehemently against AI in its current form.
  • I volunteer at my local Repair Cafe.
  • I have the Refoorest extension installed to plant trees while I browse the internet.
  • I use Ecosia for search.
  • I bank with Monzo for both business and personal – they do not invest in fossil fuels, arms, or other unethical things.
  • My pension is the fossil fuel free plan from Pension Bee (affiliate link).
  • I don’t stream in the highest quality available from YouTube.
  • I don’t store things that I don’t need, going through and deleting files, emails and photos regularly.
  • My printables are all available as digital only, accessible versions, so you don’t need to print anything.
  • I recycle everything I can.
  • I buy most of my fresh foods from a local zero waste shop which only uses paper packaging and glass jars for things that absolutely require it.
  • I do not buy fruit & veg from supermarkets, I grow my own and use Riverford (affiliate link).
  • I do not own a car nor do I drive.
  • I am learning to make my own clothes, prioritise second hand clothes, and only buy new from sustainable and ethical small businesses.
  • My bathroom is 99% plastic free.

Future changes.

In the future I intend to:

  • Switch to a green webhost.
  • Switch to a green electricity supplier.
  • Open a savings account with Tridos.
  • Buy a Shiftphone – only when my current phones have died.

Ethical Policy.

Outsourcing and hiring.

When outsourcing, hiring staff and hiring speakers for memberships, I ensure positions are very clearly open to disabled, chronically ill, mentally ill and/or neurodiverse people.

All employees and contractors work on a deadline based system, allowing them to work whenever and wherever suits them as long as work is completed by the deadline.

I especially welcome working with people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people and neurodivergent, chronically ill and/or mentally ill people, and other under-represented groups due to their historical under-representation and lack of access to these types of opportunities.

I pay guest speakers for their time and expertise.

Giving back.

I donate whenever I can to different charities. Donations so far have gone to:


I have helped fund La Esperanza Community-Owned Bank Group, a rural women-owned community bank in La Esperanza, Intibucá Department, Honduras via Kiva.

I also donate my time to support small charities with their social media.