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The Freelancer’s Tea Break

4 social media must dos and 1 definitely don’t do!

Social media management the anti-hustle way

If you’re exhausted just watching the list of things you “must do” on social media grow, you are not alone. In even better news; you actually don’t have to do all of that stuff to absolutely rock at social media.

Take a deep breath, open yourself to the idea that maybe you aren’t a total failure because you can’t do everything, everywhere all the time, and let me share my total non-secrets with you.

Queerpreneur Podcast

A chat about what it’s really like to start and grow a business. From imposter syndrome to charging your worth, to visibility, procrastination and productivity. We also discuss the benefits of deciding to come out in our businesses as well as the personal and professional risks to consider when making that decision.

DIY social media audits

A guest post for Emma Read about how small business owners can do their own social media audits and why they’re fun.

Why she does what she does

A chat about why I do what I do, my anti-hustle approach to social media, managing a business and a mental illness, and making your morals a part of your business.

Anti-hustle social media

A guest post for the Anti-Hustle Project about rejecting hustle culture on social media, whether as a business or an individual.