Many business owners are either planning or launching festive promotions as we hurtle towards Black Friday, Yule, Christmas and New Year. If you’re wondering how to run a promotion across your social media, I’ve got you covered.

Should you run a holiday promo?

Nobody can answer this but you. A few things to consider might be; do you want to? Are you just doing it because other people are? Do you feel good about offering your product/service at a discount?

What are you offering?

The first step is to decide what you’re actually going to offer or include in the promotion. Is it a discount, a promotional bundle, is it on everything or certain items, is it bulk buy discount or something else entirely?

When does it start and end?

When are you launching this offer and how long do you want it to run for? Pick a specific, firm end date. If you want a little flexibility, plan for a bonus week, or a soft end date and a hard end date.

Plan your timeline

Pop those dates on a timeline and plan your content. On launch day you likely want to start with a bang; get all the information out there across all platforms you’re on and hype it up.

Now plot along that timeline further promotion which gradually builds towards the end date. If you have regular content, daily themes, etc, on your socials, include that on your timeline and consider if you can add a promotional twist to it. Not every post needs to be promo, but if you’re sharing a regular post that happens to be about the thing that’s on offer, mention it!

As you close in on the end date, remind people that it’s getting close. Build some urgency for those who are dithering and consider encouraging them to message you with their queries.

Create your content

Now you have a plan, write your copy, create your media and, if relevant, contact influencers who you want to work with.


Whether you’re using a paid scheduler like Buffer or Later, or you’re adding notes to your calendar to remind you to post, schedule everything. Not only does it save you time and take the pressure off, it also means if life happens (as it has a tendency to do), your carefully planned posts will still go out so your sales can still come in.

Track & tweak

Keep an eye on how each of your posts is performing. If video is driving far more traffic than photos, tweak some of your future posts to include video. If Stories are what’s really getting your audience excited, put some extra focus there. Your plan is a guide, allow yourself to be flexible and change things as needed.

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