Online, heart-centred business, 3 Ravens Metaphysical Shoppe, initially asked me to conduct a social media audit for them before returning to hire me for monthly social media management. The Shoppe caters to all flavours of spirituality and also aims to support those in finding their own path.

While the original Facebook page had 11,000 likes, many were from a viral meme and were not interested in Searianna’s products or services. As such, we took the decision to create a new Facebook page which stayed true to the 3 Ravens brand and attracted Searianna’s ideal clients.

Searianna enjoys making excellent and informative videos which regularly perform well. To encourage discussion we also make regular use of polls on Facebook and also include Shoppe products regularly in relevant posts to make it easy for followers to buy.

Searianna also had a small Instagram account which was filled with memes. After archiving a huge amount of those posts we refocused towards original, informative content and the account has grown steadily since this change with an distinct increased in saved posts too.

3 Ravens is a prime example of why I so regularly say that vanity metrics are useless. Thousands of followers look good but if none of them are buying from you, they are worthless. Building a community of followers who trust you and your expertise in your industry is key to succeeding with social media.

Find out what Searianna had to say about the work I have done for 3 Ravens in her testimonial.