Friends and fun in France!

The Tuesday Friends are an English speaking expat group based in the Mayenne department of France. While word of mouth, a monthly meeting, and the odd email were doing the job initially, there was a growing desire among members to support other expats in the area, and become more accessible to new English speakers in the locality.

Initially, they knew they needed a website, but being an entirely voluntary run group, owning their own domain & self-hosting wasn’t an option. Knowing this, I suggested WordPress’ free platform, and shortly after the Tuesday Friends website was born.

Alongside the website, a new way to manage their growing members list, and distribute emails en masse was also required. As a result, I took over their mailing list, creating workarounds to avoid emails landing in spam, and setting up consistent branding across web platforms and email.

At around the same time, the number of Tuesday Friends members using Facebook was growing, so to make keeping up to date, and sharing events and information with other friends easier, we launched the Tuesday Friends Facebook page.

All updates from the website are automatically shared to the Facebook page, allowing both members & non-members to see what’s going with ease. Extra reminders and a variety of relevant articles are also shared on the page to provide even more valuable information to all English speakers living in the Mayenne.

With more younger members now joining the group, we have begun testing the waters with Instagram and Twitter.

Tuesday Friends is a community, not a business, which provides support, help, and advice to its members, while also running events to bring English speakers together. The key to growing Tuesday Friends has been to share their ethos with a wider audience.

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