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Walktrue are real estate marketing professionals based in London, UK. Having established themselves in the industry they wanted to start focusing on their online presence with regular articles for their website and content for social media.

Screenshot of Walktrues Instagram profile

We decided that focusing on LinkedIn and Instagram was best for their brand. As a B2B business, LinkedIn was a must to reach the industry professionals who could benefit from Walktrue’s services. With video being a core part of their business, and a healthy real estate community already on Instagram, it was a natural choice for their second platform. Alongside social growth they also wanted regular content for the press section of their website to drive traffic and establish themselves as industry experts.

Both their social platforms were being built from scratch so initially the content had to be brand building. For the first two weeks I created a backlog of posts on their feed which established who they are and what they do. Their Instagram feed has now grown into a beautiful, bright feed which is clearly real estate focused but also includes some branding and technology posts to demonstrate the variety of services they offer.

They also asked me to do some keyword research for them to help their SEO which I used to inform the edits to their website copy and future blog posts. This has resulted in steadily increasing DA (domain authority), or what I like to call “Google juice.”

Find out what Walktrue had to say about my services in their testimonial.