Neurodivergent knot untangling for overwhelmed business owners.

Are you an overwhelmed business owner struggling with social media?

Do you feel you can’t “do” social media and the generic advice isn’t working for you?

Are you frustrated by advice that doesn’t take into account your time, energy levels and morals?

Are you having an existential crisis about the ethics of social media every time you want to post?

My power hours offer you actionable advice and support while taking into account:

  • The amount of time you have.
  • Your health.
  • Your energy levels.
  • The ethical/moral struggles you have with social media.
Alexis wearing a pink tshirt and pink cord dungarees sitting on a pink and white chair. Her pink hair is tied up in a rainbow coloured leopard print scrunchie with a little fringe on her face. She is smiling gently and staring into the camera.

What can you use a Power Hour for?

A Power Hour is best for covering specific issues or questions.

You can also use a Power Hour to bounce ideas around and figure stuff out.

Some things you might find a Power Hour helpful for are:

  • Help deciding which platforms to prioritise.
  • Content ideas and how to tailor them for your audience and platforms.
  • Specific training (i.e. Mastodon, Reels, Stories, Facebook groups, engagement).
  • Advice on choosing and using tools for scheduling, design and planning.
  • Support with strategy and implementation.
  • “Where do I even start” panics.
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Alexis was so kind and it was such a productive session. I now have a much clearer plan, feel less overwhelmed and am actually looking forward to using social media to move my business forward. I’m so pleased that I found Alexis and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
Allie, a woman with light skin tone and long wavy auburn hair smiles at the camera.
Allie Warren
Workplace Wellbeing Consultant
I had a power hour with Alexis, in which she helped me to make a plan for returning to social media after a long hiatus. She took me through all the practical considerations of the best ways for me to post, but she also managed to make me feel comfortable enough with the plan to actually follow through with it. She is a font of knowledge about social media, whilst also being extremely supportive.
Jo Shock
Virtual Assistant

Why me?

I get it – I had to find and adapt strategies and tools to make life and work work for my neurosparkly brain!

Now I use all the tricks I learned, and my lived experience of neurodiversity, to help freelancers like you feel more confident and in control of their social media.

I believe our time together is a collaboration. I bring compassion, zero judgement and experience in social media. You bring your issue and knowledge of why things aren’t working for you. Together we find a solution that feels achievable for you.

I was in complete confusion about my social media activity. I have two different businesses and juggling accounts and purpose was leading me to procrastinate and do nothing. Though I love writing content, I knew it wasn't working as well for me as it could. Alexis helped me clarify what I wanted to achieve and recommended how to balance my time between engagement and content production. I now have a clear plan and am looking forward to putting it into action. (Oh, and thanks for the "you definitely shouldn't be doing that" parts too!)
Ellie Highwood, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy & Training | Accredited Leadership & Career Coach
Ellie Highwood
Diversity & Inclusion Strategy & Training | Accredited Leadership & Career Coach
She spent time making sure I was doing things for the right reasons and doesn’t sugar coat anything. She gave me a to do list which feels achievable and gave lots of helpful tips which have smoothed the way already.
Liz, a white woman with glasses wearing a blue shirt.
Liz Fisher

How it works.

A Power Hour gives you an hour of my time and access to my years of experience in social media marketing.

Here’s how it works.

  • Book and pay for your Power Hour (£200).
  • Reply to my email asking what you want to cover.
  • Accept the calendar invite with Google Meet link..
  • Attend the Power Hour.
  • Receive a recording of the Power Hour to download and keep plus Notion board containing a prioritised to-do list, notes and other resources.
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Alexis helped me untangle the marketing knots I had tied myself into. She is friendly, knowledgeable and supportive and offers practical advice and good common sense.
Catherine Lamb
Career Transformation Expert

Results I can promise.

You’ll walk away from your power hour feeling:

  • Confident about actioning the plan we created.

  • Clear on what success looks like for your social media strategy.

  • Fearless about trying new things because you truly understand how social media works.
a butterfly in pink and purple in a circle on a pale pastel background.
I had a call with Alexis and she was incredibly supportive and helpful. She has great insight, perspective and wisdom right across the world of social media.
Jess Ghost, blogger
Jess Ghost
Had a nice Power Hour with Alexis to work out some social media marketing kinks. Great follow up to the Instagram 101 class I took last year.
Markell Morris, Career Counselor
Markell Morris
Career Counselor