Copywriting – €45/hour

Copy that stays true to your brand voice and message while providing value and building brand recognition.

Social media management

Pick and choose the things you want to outsource or book a free, no obligation, new client discovery call to discuss full social media management packages.

Stories set – €59

A set of 15 themed stories slides; 10 pre-written text, 2 branded blanks, 3 topic posts for stickers/GIFs/etc.

Feed post set – €79

Creation of 7 feed posts for any network (image and caption.) Posts can be designed to be evergreen for you to re-use.

Resizing of posts for a different network: €15.

Engagement – €40/hour

Outreach engagement including commenting on posts by others, engaging in relevant hashtags / searches / groups, and community building engagement including replying to your comments and messages.

Hashtag research – €150

Set of at least 150 relevant hashtags, grouped by popularity, theme and network (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook) for easy copy/pasting into captions.

Social media audit – €70

A social media audit for businesses looking to find out where they’re going right, where they’re going wrong and how to improve and grow their social presence.

Power hour – €99

A one hour one to one to cover anything social media that you want to ask about. Personalised advice and coaching on the aspects of social media that are stressing you out.

We can discuss:

  • How to use a specific social network (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • What your audience want/need and how to give it to them
  • Social strategy
  • Post ideas
  • Platform best practices
  • Hashtags
  • Engagement
  • or anything else!

What’s included:

  • 1 hour of my time to cover anything you want
  • A written document of my notes
  • A recording of the power hour

Book a one-to-one