3 Ravens

Online, heart-centred business, 3 Ravens Metaphysical Shoppe, initially asked me to conduct a social media audit for them before returning to hire me for monthly social media management. The Shoppe caters to all flavours of spirituality and also aims to support those in finding their own path.

While the original Facebook page had 11,000 likes, many were from a viral meme and were not interested in Searianna’s products or services. As such, we took the decision to create a new Facebook page which stayed true to the 3 Ravens brand and attracted Searianna’s ideal clients.

Searianna enjoys making excellent and informative videos which regularly perform well. To encourage discussion we also make regular use of polls on Facebook and also include Shoppe products regularly in relevant posts to make it easy for followers to buy.

Searianna also had a small Instagram account which was filled with memes. After archiving a huge amount of those posts we refocused towards original, informative content and the account has grown steadily since this change with an distinct increased in saved posts too.

3 Ravens is a prime example of why I so regularly say that vanity metrics are useless. Thousands of followers look good but if none of them are buying from you, they are worthless. Building a community of followers who trust you and your expertise in your industry is key to succeeding with social media.

Find out what Searianna had to say about the work I have done for 3 Ravens in her testimonial.

Devilishly Handsome Productions


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Devilishly Handsome Productions are a creative video marketing production company. A B2B business creating video campaigns for everyone from small businesses up to big brands like Nike and Sky.

DHP stories post reading "stay true to your brand values" and "authenticity is about being true to your core values. Own your brand's values & take a stand that fits them."

DHP knew they wanted to focus on LinkedIn and Instagram and had already built a strong brand identity through social media and their blog.

After several discussions with Ben and Harry we settled on a content plan for social media which was in line with their established brand but allowed for more regular, engaging content. They were also keen to leverage Stories in their content, a smart move as social media begins to move away from the traditional news feed.

To utilise Stories effectively to further establish the company as experts in their field, I include marketing advice, statistics and what they mean for brands, and industry news as core parts of their Stories strategy.

With an already established Instagram feed, I wanted to create a distinction between new and old content. I did this with a controversial feed post on April Fool’s Day which proclaimed “video is dead”, this was then followed that afternoon with DHP’s show-reel alongside a caption which explained that “bad video is dead” and built hype for future content. Since then, the feed has evolved to include weekly news videos, peeks behind the scenes and is full of video marketing information and inspiration.

LinkedIn required a different plan of attack as, although there had been a handful of posts on it previously, it was essentially being built from scratch. With LinkedIn relatively recently adding video to the platform, and video performing so well across all social media, including plenty of video content was a forgone conclusion. In order to appeal to their target market; businesses and marketing companies, we have created a feed which includes plenty of examples of their work alongside industry news and marketing trends.

Find out what DHP had to say about my services in their testimonial.


SOS Anglo

Local business, SOS Anglo, asked me to help them reach international clients through social media. They offer a wide variety of services to English speakers in France and also those wishing to move to France.

When I took over their platforms my first job was to delete two old Facebook Pages and ensure as many fans as possible moved to the active Page. Valérie has built good relationships with all of her clients which ensured this initial set up went smoothly. This also resulted in the first post on her Page vastly exceeding our expectations for both reach and engagement, a great boost for the new Page in the algorithm, and providing a wealth of quotes to use across social.

Initially I began with a posting schedule of twice a week on Facebook but it quickly became apparent that it was too much. Changing the schedule to once a week, with occasional bonus posts, has seen SOS Anglo’s reach increase month on month and also resulted in more engagement.

When discussing content I advised Valérie that useful, shareable content was an essential part of a Facebook strategy. Sure enough, the informational posts about Brexit, useful French phrases and top tips have resulted in a steady stream of new likes from people sharing them and appreciative comments.

Valérie had also opened an Instagram account which had never been used but was an ideal place for connecting with the travel and expat communities who may be interested in the services she offers. After some hashtag research I put together a calendar of content which combines “hashtag holidays” with useful information, ideal for social media. With the help of a time zone converter I scheduled posts to target English speakers across the globe who may be interested in her emigration packages. After just 3 months this strategy is already providing ROI not only with inquiries but also new, international clients.

Find out what Valérie had to say about the work I have done for SOS Anglo in her testimonial.


Walktrue are real estate marketing professionals based in London, UK. Having established themselves in the industry they wanted to start focusing on their online presence with regular articles for their website and content for social media.

Screenshot of Walktrues Instagram profile

We decided that focusing on LinkedIn and Instagram was best for their brand. As a B2B business, LinkedIn was a must to reach the industry professionals who could benefit from Walktrue’s services. With video being a core part of their business, and a healthy real estate community already on Instagram, it was a natural choice for their second platform. Alongside social growth they also wanted regular content for the press section of their website to drive traffic and establish themselves as industry experts.

Both their social platforms were being built from scratch so initially the content had to be brand building. For the first two weeks I created a backlog of posts on their feed which established who they are and what they do. Their Instagram feed has now grown into a beautiful, bright feed which is clearly real estate focused but also includes some branding and technology posts to demonstrate the variety of services they offer.

They also asked me to do some keyword research for them to help their SEO which I used to inform the edits to their website copy and future blog posts. This has resulted in steadily increasing DA (domain authority), or what I like to call “Google juice.”

Find out what Walktrue had to say about my services in their testimonial.

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Grande Daze

Grande Daze is an animal rescue charity based in the Mayenne department of France. They run many events across the year, and always have cats, dogs, and other animals ready to be adopted. They also offer various other pet services such as kennels & cattery, grooming, and agility training. Their problem was one of needing to reach as many people as possible to find homes for rescued animals and to raise extra funds for the charity.

Their website was, at the time, static and unable to be updated, so I set up a new, easily updateable, simple to navigate, site for them. The focus being to be able to easily advertise all their events, and where it was easy for people to share rescue animals looking for homes with friends. We also included full details and a contact form to make getting in touch as easy as possible.

With no presence on social media at all, we decided to initially focus on Facebook, where most of their volunteers and supporters were already. I began to share images of rescued and lost animals to their Facebook page and we quickly noticed a rise in the number of people engaging with Grande Daze and asking for more Grande Daze Google searchinformation about them.

Getting Grande Daze listed and verified on Google was a key step in establishing trust with new visitors, while also making it very simple to discover exactly what the charity does, where they are, and get in touch.
Since the verification of Grande Daze’s Google listing, we have noticed increasing website traffic month on month, driven by an increasing appearance in search results. Alongside this, we have also seen many click-throughs to the Google Maps listing for directions, and phone calls made directly from the search page.
The recent addition of ‘posts’ on Google My Business has enabled us to keep the search listing fresh and up to date, and draw new visitors in with snippets of text alongside engaging images.

Currently, I am working on growing Grande Daze’s Instagram presence through the use of visually appealing photos and appropriate hashtags. The animal loving community on Instagram is large and passionate, and the platform offers an ideal place to raise awareness of pet adoption and the joy rescue animals can bring.

Grande Daze is a charity that lends itself ideally to social media and has benefitted enormously from its use. The challenge has been to keep posts upbeat & positive in order to keep people engaged and enthusiastic about the charity.

Find out what Grande Daze had to say about my services in their testimonial.

Tuesday Friends

Tuesday Friends

Friends and fun in France!

The Tuesday Friends are an English speaking expat group based in the Mayenne department of France. While word of mouth, a monthly meeting, and the odd email were doing the job initially, there was a growing desire among members to support other expats in the area, and become more accessible to new English speakers in the locality.

Initially, they knew they needed a website, but being an entirely voluntary run group, owning their own domain & self-hosting wasn’t an option. Knowing this, I suggested WordPress’ free platform, and shortly after the Tuesday Friends website was born.

Alongside the website, a new way to manage their growing members list, and distribute emails en masse was also required. As a result, I took over their mailing list, creating workarounds to avoid emails landing in spam, and setting up consistent branding across web platforms and email.

At around the same time, the number of Tuesday Friends members using Facebook was growing, so to make keeping up to date, and sharing events and information with other friends easier, we launched the Tuesday Friends Facebook page.

All updates from the website are automatically shared to the Facebook page, allowing both members & non-members to see what’s going with ease. Extra reminders and a variety of relevant articles are also shared on the page to provide even more valuable information to all English speakers living in the Mayenne.

With more younger members now joining the group, we have begun testing the waters with Instagram and Twitter.

Tuesday Friends is a community, not a business, which provides support, help, and advice to its members, while also running events to bring English speakers together. The key to growing Tuesday Friends has been to share their ethos with a wider audience.

Find out what Tuesday Friends had to say about my services in their testimonial.