A non-exhaustive list of things I use to be an awesome social media manager and run a small business.

There may be affiliate links included in this post but integrity is important to me. I will only recommend things which I genuinely use and love.


Passion Planner

My hard copy planner which acts as my to-do list, ta-dah list, gratitude log, goal setting journal, business planning notebook and so much more.

Google Calendar

My digital calendar where I get my calendar-blocking on. It also automatically adds all my meetings, easily syncs to Facebook events I’m attending and, most importantly, sends pop up notifications to me on every device to tell me what’s happening.

Google Keep

This is where I schedule video reminders for places which don’t allow scheduling of videos yet. It also houses hashtags grouped by client, important links I often need for client content, and other information I need regularly.

Content Creation

Heart and Soul Digital Content Planner

The only content planner I use. Every client has access to their own version of it where they can view each month’s content, stats and plans.


Upgrading to the pro version has saved me so much time resizing graphics for different networks. It also makes design super easy whether for static images, GIFs or animations.


Open sources photo editing software which I primarily use to remove backgrounds from images so I can use them as overlays. It does a lot but can take some learning.

Social Media tools


My scheduling app of choice for Instagram.


My scheduling app of choice for Twitter and LinkedIn.


This is what I use to send my emails to The Forest. It makes running an email list super easy.


While I still long for old-Tweetdeck all these years later, the current version is still the easiest way to keep up with the goings on on Twitter. Allowing you to view columns for lists, searches, notifications and users all on one screen.

Community, Advice and Support

Acorn Facebook group

My own little Facebook space designed to offer practical and emotional support to small, heart centred business owners to enable them to grow their business. We believe in community over competition, lifting each other up, handing others the mic and helping those who are not usually head to be heard.

Freelance Business Lounge

An amazing stash of business resources including email templates, contracts, training sessions, and more tips to make freelancing easier than you thought existed. The weekly check-in calls and Facebook group community are the highlight for me.

Heart centred business owners Facebook group

A home for those with heart-centred small businesses fueled by creativity and love. Run by Kelly-Ann Maddox, it is intended to focus primarily on those who lean towards spiritual and metaphysical themes in their products/services and would like to engage with others who can relate to their issues.

So You Wanna Be A Witch Facebook group

The group for soul-centered entrepreneurs who want to grow supportive businesses so that they can live balanced lives full of self-care and service. Run by Sarah M Chappell.

Shadowscapes Tarot

My ‘home’ deck and my go-to for spreads on everything, including business.

Podcasts, YouTubers and Bloggers

The Anti-Hustle Project

For anybody who rejects, or wants to reject, the hustle-hard culture. From running a business to working out to parenting and more, whatever you’re doing in life, Ruth offers her own advice & brings in guests to discuss how to do it well without burning yourself out.

Daire Paddy

For butt-kicking, straight talking and badass advice on running your business your way.

Sarah M Chappel

Practical tips for soul-centred entrepreneurs on running a successful business in a way that aligns with your morals, values and beliefs.

Emma Cossey & The Freelancer’s Tea Break

Quick tips on every aspect of freelance life.

Kelly Ann Maddox

Personal development, self-love and business badassery from a  spiritual perspective.

Totally free pep-talk poster