This is the second of two small biz gift guides, view the “open it” gift guide here. This gift guide is for experiences, including ones suitable for lock-down.

If you’re able to support small businesses this festive season, and beyond, please do.

If you can’t afford to support financially, please remember that commenting on their posts and sharing them with your friends also makes a big difference.


Encourage some pampering or comfortable dressing with these ethical, sustainable gift options.

Eleanor Snare has a magical 12 week audio course to get you out into nature, making art and developing self leadership skills. Perfect to comabt the lockdown blues and set your loved one up for a better 2021.

Help your loved one embrace their creativity, vulnerability and inner strength with Eryn Johnson’s 1 to 1 creative support program.

If your loved one is feeling stuck or unfulfilled in their career or life, Heather Wright offers walk and talk coaching sessions to help you get out of your head, out of your house and find your oomph again.

Readings and magic.

Whether your loved one is actively interested in Tarot or not at all, these can be a wonderful gift. Tarot readings can offer clarity on a specific issue, advice or decision making help and so much more.

Kelly-Ann Maddox is an incredibly talented card slinger, spiritual counsellor and self love advocate.

Lex of Days Eye Tarot offers readings for every stage of personal growth.

Kira at The Strology offers cosmic guidance for all using astrology.

Stress relief, healing and fitness.

Who doesn’t love tasty treat over the festive season?

Why not treat your loved one to a Mind Massage from Professor Ursual Benjamin to help them let go of stress and create space for them to be able to look towards the future more positively.

For loved ones looking to increase their movement or who prefer to destress in a more active way, Trudy at Pawprints Pilates and a Piece of Cake offers online Pilates lessons which you can also gift to a friend. Book two spaces and go together for a wonderful way to work out together while staying safe.

For the outdoorsy types, Nature Works Wonders offers relaxing, sensory nature walks to open the door to a mindfulness practice.

For business owners.

If your loved one is a business owner themselves these are some experiential gifts just for them.

If your loved one is a business owner themselves, the gift of time is no doubt something they wish they could put on their list. You could book them a few hours with a virtual assistant to help with that. Emma Read is a wonderful VA and also has some information on what to outsource and how to go about it.

For Freelance friends I can’t recommend the Freelance Business Lounge (affiliate) enough. I’ve been a member for 2 years now and can’t imagine freelance life without the supportive community and practical advice I’ve found there.

Getting visible as a business owner and feeling confident in doing so can be a real challenge. Natalie Trice has a fabulous Get Visible workshop to help your business badass friend start 2021 on the right track.

Of course you can also treat them to one of my courses; Instagram for Humans, Out of the Jungle content creation or, if they’re a super special friend, some one to one social media guidance to help them kick off the new year confident, organised and making the most of social media.


Whether you’re loved one is interested in learning a new language, developing their art or craft skills, wants to play an instrument, or something else entirely, you can gift them lessons to help. Many teachers are now offering online versions of a wide range of lessons which would help

For a fun new skill that could double as a party trick, this Introduction to Charm Casting course from Becky Clarke at Tarot Tidings UK is a wonderful virtual stocking filler.

Gift cards.

If the business you want to get a gift at is closed or you want to treat them to a meal out or another less pandemic friendly experience, remember that gift cards a great option. Buying a gift card puts much needed cash in that business’ bank right now and also gives your special person something to look forward to.

Contact your local coffee shop, pub, restaurant, theatre, salon, hairdresser, bakery or other small business and ask if they can provide gift cards.

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If you can recommend other small businesses, please let me know on Instagram where I do Sharing Sunday every week to shine a light on amazing businesses.