This is the first of two small biz gift guides I’m sharing this year. This first gift guide is for physical presents, things you can wrap and/or someone can open, the second gift guide will be experiences (yes, they will be suitable for lock-down.)

If you’re able to support small businesses this festive season, and beyond, please do.

If you can’t afford to support financially, please remember that commenting on their posts and sharing them with your friends also makes a big difference.

Planner nerds.

Planner related things might seem like the worst possible gift given the year we’ve had but I know I’m not alone in finding comfort in the routine and creativity of decorating and using my planner. If you have a planner lover in your life, stickers are a great gift idea.

A huge variety of functional and decorative stickers for Passion Planner (stickers will fit other planners) fans from Being Bethany Rose Plans.

An orange sticker with black writing which reads "every Monday is a new chance."

A variety of functional and decorative stickers for Happy Planner and Hobonichi (stickers will fit other planners) fans from Silent Beauty Plans.

A variety of stickers for Hobonichi fans and other stationery gifts from The Paper Lobster.


For distraction, self development or for memory keeping, journaling and workbooks are wonderful.

Find The Good In Everyday find your happy workbook (also available as digital a workbook.)

Blessing Manifesting self love and a variety of other workbooks. Also cat approved!

Mr Tinks, a grey a white cat, laying on a weekly spread of Blessing Manifesting self love planner

Not quite a journal but the Sea Soul Blessings cards can certainly be used as journal prompts and make a beautiful gift for anyone looking for a little pick-me-up.

Beauty gurus and fashion fans.

Encourage some pampering or comfortable dressing with these ethical, sustainable gift options.

Handmade vegan soaps, shampoo bars and more from Manchester based business, Bubble Off.

Cosmetics and home fragrances from vegan skincare experts, Wild Dew.

Jewellery for angry people from Fuck The Tories.

Ethical, sustainable underwear from You Underwear.

Breathable facemasks with personality from Doodle Tree Store.

Alexis wearing a Progress Pride flag facemask

Masc fit t-shirts for trans masculine, non-binary and gender non-conforming people from Fit To Me.

Comfy, stylish, gender-free clothes from badass Scottish company Wilde Mode.

The gift of self love.

Give the gift of a self care box and support the Blurt Foundation, working to increase awareness and understanding of depression.

Buddy Boxes from Blurt (stationery, clothing, art and other gifts also available.)


Who doesn’t love tasty treat over the festive season?

Everything for chocolate lovers from Chocolates for Chocoholics (vegan options available.)

Delicious beer that supports LGBTQ+ charities from Proud Beer.

Art lovers.

Spending more time at home means it’s even more important that our homes represent us and make us feel safe. Brighten up your loved ones’ home office or living space with some art.

Magical art work from Stevie Paints.

Queer and disabled inclusive art from Dandy Doodlez.

Bespoke willow sculptures from Wispy Willow Creations.

Boring self care as art from Hannah Daisy.

“From darkness comes light,” a recovery journey in an album from Mel Biggs (currently a Kickstarter.)

Quirky bits.

Let them know you love them for their quirkiness with a gift that embraces it.

Candles, homewares and t-shirts from Mad Old Cat Lady.

Wizarding wares and bags from Silver Yarn Handmade.

Everything a witch needs from The Hallowed Emporium.

Art, books, stationery, pins, homeware, jewellery and more from the Vagina Museum.

Illustrated and handmade gifts from Jaide Made.

Book and magazine addicts.

Keep them entertained and give them a break from screen time with some books and magazines.

Queer fiction from Enchanted Woods Publishing (digital and physical copies available.)

An advertising-free women’s magazine on self, identity and meaning in today’s society from Womankind.

A stack of three copies of Womankind magazine

If you can recommend other small businesses, please let me know on Instagram where I do Sharing Sunday every week to shine a light on amazing businesses.