Social media guidance for small business owners

  • Want a compassionate and responsible guide to social media marketing in your pocket to support you through a specific campaign or launch, or help you get your social media shit together?
  • Wishing you felt empowered to follow your own moral compass, trust in your communities and be led by your customers?
  • Dreaming of a social media strategy that works with your brain and lifestyle?
  • Longing to see increased sales from your social media and not feel icky about it?


This personalised one on one guidance package helps you to use social media to find your ideal clients and convert them without sacrificing your morals or wellbeing.

I’m Alexis and I’m here to hold your hand as you go from random posting, hit and miss results and social media overwhelm to a well planned system that works for you.

Through this bespoke guidance experience you will:

Feel confident with the nuts and bolts of social media.
Understand your stats, know each platforms best practices and work each of them with ease.

Embrace a chill, you-do-you approach to social media.
Lean into your own instincts and quirks for an authentic presence and speak to your ideal client in a way that feels true to you and resonates with them. 

Get organised with strategies and tools that work for you.
Find a social media strategy that suits you, save time with planned content repurposing, implement an idea generation system and finally feel in control of your profiles.

Get results that matter to your business.
Increase sales, grow your network, create real connections and do it all without stress, black hat techniques or ads!

Alexis standing beside a rose bush wearing a rainbow jumper under a denim jacket.

The game-changing stuff:

  • One to one support from a social media expert whenever you need it.
  • Accountability check-ins to make sure you do the things!
  • Cheerleading and reminders that you’re doing great and you can do social media in exactly the way that works for you.
  • Support adapting tools and techniques for your brain and business.

The practical stuff:

  • Monthly strategy planning call.
  • Monthly stat assessment call.
  • Any platform specific trainings you need.
  • A bespoke social media strategy.
  • Personalised content suggestions.
  • Help with captions, calls to actions and visual assets.
  • Advice on making your content accessible.
Alexis sitting on a bench outside with a laptop on her lap. Maurice, a small dog, sits behind her by a tree.

I love helping people who’ve been led to believe they can’t do social media ‘properly’ because of their mental or chronic illness to become social media superstars!

I have borderline personality disorder (BPD) and I’m a freelance social media manager.

With my help small business owners like you have:

  • Grown enough to hire 2 full-time employees and still be overbooked.

  • Increase their Facebook reach by 247% and their Instagram engagement by 91%.

  • Increased their Instagram reach by 7442% and gained 200 followers in 5 days.


All without ads, without posting 7 days a week and without a single sketchy step.

I’ve had to learn, test and invent methods for content creation, re-purposing, strategising and implementation that work for my brain.
My guidance program gives you access to both my social media expertise and my unique way of adjusting and creating ways of doing things around all kinds of brain gremlins.

Why your program uses a you-do-you approach.

1) It works.

I’ve tested social media tactics on my own social media and with clients in my work as a social media manager. I know for a fact that finding a schedule and strategy that suits you is the best way to grow your social presence sustainable and in a way that converts.

2) Self care matters.

I live with chronic mental illness so I understand just how important it is to have time to take care of yourself and take time away from work.

My focus is on creating a plan which enables you to be successful on social media while having a life outside of it.

How your personalised guidance program works.

  1. I send you a questionnaire to find out all about you and your business.

  2. We hop on a call to discuss everything in more detail. I ask you more questions based on your answers to ensure I really understand what you offer, how you work and who you want to work with.

  3. I send you a strategy document which outlines your goals, how to achieve them, ideal clients, and an in depth content and engagement strategy including post ideas.

  4. We hop on a call to review your strategy and discuss how you can best implement it. This includes advice on tools and tips to make it as easy as possible for you.

  5. One to one email support during the month to get your questions answered as they come up and 15 minute catch up call (max 1 per week).

  6. I’ll be available to give you specific content ideas, help with tech issues and cheer you on as you learn to rock your social media.

  7. I’ll also follow up on any accountability checks you requested so you actually get stuff done!

  8. At the end of the month we’ll hop on a call to discuss your stats. We’ll talk about what they mean, what you can learn about your content from them and how to improve your content based on them.

Ready to implement a social media strategy that increases your sales and decreases your stress levels by embracing what works for you?

Let’s do this!