I am frankly overwhelmed with gratitude, pride and joy at Social Media for Humans making the shortlist for woman-led community of the year. To be honest, I really don’t have the words. I’ve done a lot of messy crying at the flood of emotions so instead I want to talk about how bloody amazing the people who make the Social Media for Humans community are.

Every single day I get to see and support humans who have tried everything, tried so hard for so long and still feel overwhelmed. They often join feeling like they’re the problem – “I’m just bad at social media,” “I can’t keep on top of it because *insert diagnosis or personal ‘failing’ here*”.

I get to watch them as they realise that other people have struggled the same way but are finding a way through. I get to see the relief when they let go of all the “shoulds” and focus on what they can do, what they are doing, and see it working.

I get to cheer them on as they turn their new found confidence into improved stats, improved sales and still not run themselves into the ground.

And I get to well up at just how supportive and amazing they are as they celebrate each other’s successes and start sharing advice because they finally trust themselves and know that what matters is sharing ideas, experiences and suggestions, not knowing the “right” advice.

There simply aren’t words for how much I love the Social Media for Humans community and, while I run it, the Club members built it and they make it what it is by showing up as their raw, vulnerable selves and doing the work.

I am beyond grateful to be able to do something that I love so much and am so passionate about so a huge thank you to all the Club members, those who nominated me and the Digital Women team.

Photo of Alexis in the centre of the image, above her the Digital Women Awards 22 logo, below her text reading "finalist, woman-led community, Alexis Bushnell."