Why my neurodivergent brain might be just what you need!

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My brain strengths.

I like to think of myself as a little like Why Bird – I love to dig deep and discover the why behind things.

In my work this looks a lot like finding out why you think you have to be doing something a certain way, why you’re putting certain limitations or rules around things, or indeed why you’re doing something at all.

One of my mottos is “whatever works,” which means I start with the goal and work with clients to find solutions to get them there. Not from a cookie cutter set of options, but specifically based on what works (and what doesn’t work) for that person.

I’m all about tailored solutions that make sense to the person they need to work for.

I’m also pretty badass at big picture planning, organising and breaking those huge dreams into smaller steps. Monica Geller has nothing on me!
I primarily use Notion but also love paper planning, and I absolutely love discovering new systems so if you have something that you’re in the habit of using and enjoy, I will be thrilled to find solutions that fit into that too.

Alexis wearing a pink tshirt and pink cord dungarees sitting on a pink and white chair. Her pink hair is tied up in a rainbow coloured leopard print scrunchie with a little fringe on her face. She is smiling gently and staring into the camera.

How I communicate.

“You’re no bullshit but kind.” – Emma Cossey.

I’m straightforward and honest but I also bring a lot of compassion – I understand how hard it is and how overwhelming things can feel.

I won’t lie or sugar-coat things, but I will cheer your wins, believe in you until you believe in yourself, and bring a solutions focused attitude even when you’re feeling totally defeated.

“[You’re] that best friend who listens to you whinging for 40 minutes, then firmly, but kindly says, ‘Okay let’s figure out what we’re going to do about it. Break out the Sharpies and put the kettle on.'” – Emma Young.

I’m patient but I’m also not going to let you back out on your commitments to yourself.

I’m about action – it’s OK to feel sad, hopeless, overwhelmed and we can sit with those feelings for a while, but then we’re going to put our big person pants on and find a way through. No matter how small the next baby step is, no matter how far away that goal feels, I help and support you as you walk, crawl, or sometimes drag yourself towards the life you want – loudly yelling about how incredible you are and reminding you of every success along the way.

People who get the most from working with me.

I’m for the people who are ready to take action and stop should-ing all over themselves.

If you know yourself, we can make stuff happen together, because I can’t get into your brain and know exactly what is an issue for you and why – I’m relying on you to tell me that so we can figure it out together.

I’m for the people who want to be part of the solution – not to outsource it. People who want to throw ideas around, who aren’t afraid to say “no, I tried that, it doesn’t work here’s why,” and people who feel motivated and inspired by solution focused chats and shiny new ideas.

My work boundaries.

I am not always available – I have notifications turned off for almost all apps on my phone, I do not check it all the time.
Depending on our working arrangement I will let you know when I am available and my timelines for responding to your messages.

I might leave you on read while I’m thinking about a response, or just because I accidentally hit open when I wasn’t in the headspace to read or respond.

I don’t do phone calls.

My preferred method of contact is email. Facebook or LinkedIn messages and Instagram DMs, are likely to take a week or more for me to respond to.

I require payment up front to book my time – if you need to reschedule there is an option for that in the confirmation email you’ll receive.

a series of interlinking knots in alternating pastel colours.

Want to work with me?

Bespoke Notion board.

A Notion board designed specifically for you and what you need. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect to-do list system, turn your SOPs into the most beautiful, searchable database ever imagined, or dreaming of a home hub page that makes you smile to open it and helps get stuff done, I can help.

Hit the button to send me an email.

Notion templates.

I have a selection of lovingly designed Notion templates and add-ons in my shop with more coming soon.

My templates are all designed with neurospicy brains in mind and work out of the box but also have room for personalisation.

A note on cost for bespoke Notion boards – I am unable to provide a guide price here, however I operate a strict no pressure business. Once I know what you need, I provide a selection of clearly broken down cost options for you.

a series of interlinking knots in alternating pastel colours.

Social Media Power Hours.

Ideal for smallish or specific questions – the wham bam thank you m’am of problem solving. Also great as a crash course on the Fediverse!

VIB Day (very important brain) 🧠.

Designed specifically for designing you a social media strategy and an achievable plan to make it happen.

Whatever you need for 3 months 🦄.

From social media support, to ND knot untangling, to life organisation and so much more, you get priority access to my brain to make things easier for your brain for a whole 3 months.

Please email to discuss booking a VIB Day or a Whatever You Need package.