Grande Daze is an animal rescue charity based in the Mayenne department of France. They run many events across the year, and always have cats, dogs, and other animals ready to be adopted. They also offer various other pet services such as kennels & cattery, grooming, and agility training. Their problem was one of needing to reach as many people as possible to find homes for rescued animals and to raise extra funds for the charity.

Their website was, at the time, static and unable to be updated, so I set up a new, easily updateable, simple to navigate, site for them. The focus being to be able to easily advertise all their events, and where it was easy for people to share rescue animals looking for homes with friends. We also included full details and a contact form to make getting in touch as easy as possible.

With no presence on social media at all, we decided to initially focus on Facebook, where most of their volunteers and supporters were already. I began to share images of rescued and lost animals to their Facebook page and we quickly noticed a rise in the number of people engaging with Grande Daze and asking for more Grande Daze Google searchinformation about them.

Getting Grande Daze listed and verified on Google was a key step in establishing trust with new visitors, while also making it very simple to discover exactly what the charity does, where they are, and get in touch.
Since the verification of Grande Daze’s Google listing, we have noticed increasing website traffic month on month, driven by an increasing appearance in search results. Alongside this, we have also seen many click-throughs to the Google Maps listing for directions, and phone calls made directly from the search page.
The recent addition of ‘posts’ on Google My Business has enabled us to keep the search listing fresh and up to date, and draw new visitors in with snippets of text alongside engaging images.

Currently, I am working on growing Grande Daze’s Instagram presence through the use of visually appealing photos and appropriate hashtags. The animal loving community on Instagram is large and passionate, and the platform offers an ideal place to raise awareness of pet adoption and the joy rescue animals can bring.

Grande Daze is a charity that lends itself ideally to social media and has benefitted enormously from its use. The challenge has been to keep posts upbeat & positive in order to keep people engaged and enthusiastic about the charity.

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